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4Nov. 2012

Why I have my auto insurance at a Northampton agency

Ok. I know what you are thinking. I have my auto and home policy at Webber & Grinnell Insurance because I work here. Yes….that is true. But what you don’t know is that I had my auto and home policy with Webber and Grinnell years before I worked here. I was still working at a big company where they offered payroll deduct and a discount if you went with the carrier they had a deal with.
I went with Webber & Grinnell because I wanted to drive by my agent and know that when and if I need them, I know where they are and I know that I can walk in and talk to someone. I admit, there was one point where I went online and got a quote for auto insurance from another carrier. You know what happened? That carrier was $150 more a year than I was paying at Webber & Grinnell and I knew that I wasn’t going to get the personal service that was important to me.
Now I can say that yes, I have my insurance here because I work here but I can say the reasons why I think you should have your home and auto insurance at Webber & Grinnell:

1. We have lots of companies to shop your insurance around with.
8 auto companies and 15 homeowners’ companies.

2. We work with you to make sure we are getting you the right amount of insurance.

3. We are nice people.
4. We give back to the community.

5. In the event of a loss, we are here to help you.

6. We care about our clients.

7. We have been in business for over 100 years.

So now I have to ask you, if you are not a client, why not?


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