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12May. 2015

Tips For Engaging Your Employees

In an effort to improve my business I’ve attended a number of business seminars over the past few years.

One organization that conducts worthwhile events is the Employers Association of the North East. Recently, they hosted a one day conference on employee engagement.

For the first time, I decided to invite my management staff to the conference. Like most offices, we encounter challenges with employee morale issues and strive to make Webber and Grinnell a desirable place to work.

The experience of including my staff at the event could not have gone better. All of us felt re-energized and eager to bring the great ideas we had gained back to the office for implementation.

One of the most valuable components of the seminar was a session on the "stay interview". It is a tool that allows management to better understand the mindset and goals of each employee and how they fit in with your organization. We are used to interviewing candidates prior to employment and employees as they exit the firm, but we had not thought about conducting interviews during the course of employment.

Here are a few examples of some questions to ask:

• What do you look forward to when you come to work each day?
• What do you like most or least about working here?
• What keeps you working here?
• If you could change something about your job, what would that be?
• What would make your job more satisfying?
• How do you like to be recognized?
• What talents are not being used in your current role?
• What would you like to learn here?
• What motivates (or demotivates) you?
• What can I do to best support you?
• What can I do more of or less of as your manager?
• What might tempt you to leave?

Employee turnover can be one of the largest expenses that a business can incur. It takes many years of experience for an employee to develop into an outstanding account manager or salesperson in the insurance industry. The cost of losing that investment when an employee leaves and having to find someone new is substantial. And that does not count the stress on the rest of the staff while we look to fill the vacated position.

To decrease your turnover cost, it's critical to understand if your employees are happy in their job and what you might be able to do to make it a better experience for them. Try using the stay interview and let me know how it goes!


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