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23Jan. 2015

The Pioneer Valley’s Shark Tank

Image source: abc.go.com

I’ve sat on my share of boards and committees over the years with experiences that range from incredibly dry to extremely fulfilling. This past year, Webber and Grinnell became a sponsoring member of River Valley Investors. River Valley Investors is a group of local business people from a variety of backgrounds that are interested in investing in startup companies.

I have found the experience to be unbelievably fascinating! Each meeting, entrepreneurs from our region present their unique idea to the group with the hope of convincing members to invest in their new company. Currently, we are looking at a company that can make baby formula the same way a Keurig brewing machine makes a cup of coffee.

In the past we’ve looked at:

-light weight camping equipment makers
-real estate software distributors, and
-a company that has invented a fabric that helps amputees have a more secure fit with their prosthetic.

You may have recently read about the funding of a local computer gaming company call HitPoint Studios. River Valley Investors funded this deal.

Every meeting I marvel at the intelligence and excitement of the presenting entrepreneurs as well as the insightful questions posed by the investment group. It gives me renewed confidence in the creative economy of Western Massachusetts. And of course I get to channel my inner Mark Cuban, though I’ve never imposed a shot clock for an offer.

If any of you are interested in learning more about RVI, please let me know.


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