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9Aug. 2011

Texting While Driving Ban In Massachusetts

As of September 30, text messaging and driving will become illegal in the state of Massachusetts.  In addition, this new law also states that drivers under the age of 18 are banned from using their phone and drivers 75 and older will have to pass a vision test before having their license renewed. I think we all agree that texting while driving is dangerous. But it is not just dangerous for inexperienced drivers; anyone can be in an accident in a second of distracted driving. One thing that is very important is setting a good example for our kids.  Parents – practice what you preach. 
This law also bans emailing, web browsing and the use of a GPS system on your phone. And this is not just when you are physically driving. This includes the time that you are stopped at a traffic light and stuck in traffic. If it is important enough that you must get on your smart phone while driving, pull over. 
The roads can be a dangerous place. If we can do anything to eliminate threats, we should do it. Let’s get back to 10 and 2 driving!


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