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5Aug. 2011

Snow Removal Liability

It is hard to think of snow when it is such a hot and humid day here in Northampton. But this is something all property owners need to know.
A new ruling has come down from the Massachusetts Supreme Judical Court. Property owners may now be liable for any snow related injuries regardless of how the snow and/or ice got there. We have all had those times where we have just finished snowblowing or shoveling the driveway and walks and what comes around the corner? The large snow plow that is going to deliver heavy, wet, dirty snow at the end of your driveway and if you have sidewalks, most likely some of that is going to fall there too. The ruling states that it doesn’t matter if the snow and ice came naturally (falling from the sky) or unnaturally (snow plows, refrozen runoff from a snow pile), the property owner is responsible for keeping the property safe. It looks like all of us in Western Mass all going to have to work a little harder on keeping our sidewalks and driveways clear and safe.


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