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18Aug. 2012

SDIP Points and What That Means for Your Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

The dreaded SDIP points…What does it mean? Well, technically it means the Safe Driver Insurance Plan. What it means to you is how much you are going to pay for your auto insurance in MA. The plan is a little confusing and I didn’t know what it meant until I started in the insurance industry. Basically, the lower your points, the better but a 99 or a 98 is the best. So 12 points, not so good. Zero points, much better. 99 – Great!
At 0 points, that means you have no driving instances against you in the last 6 years but you also are not getting any safe driving credit. You are just kind of neutral. If you have no instances in the last 6 years, you will have a 99 SDIP. This means you are eligible for the best insurance rates and may even qualify for special endorsements such as accident forgiveness.
So how do you get points on your driving record? Points are issued for at fault accidents, speeding, DUIs, and traffic violations. And these points stay on your record for 6 years! 6 years is a long time to be paying extra for your insurance.
Keeping your points down is not only important for your cost savings but also for your ability to obtain insurance. Most of the companies we are writing with now will not write a policy for someone with high SDIP points. That means we are forced to put those clients in the state-run pool of insurance and that is generally 2-3 times higher in price than the standard market.
So drive safe and keep your SDIP points down! If you have questions about your SDIP points, give Webber & Grinnell Insurance a call!


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