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28May. 2013

Rich Webber Completes 21st Boston Marathon

Congratulations to my partner Rich Webber for once again running the Boston Marathon, the 21st time he has completed that feat since first taking on the course in 1989.

From a runner's perspective, the day began perfectly. "The weather was almost perfect - cool and sunny," said Rich. "The crowds were large and loud all of the way."

Fortunately, Rich and his family were well out of harm's way when tragedy struck the event. According to Rich, "Things became confused and disorganized and when it was clear what had happened, the day was over and no celebration ensued."

A dedicated marathoner and triathlete, Rich plans to be back in Boston in 2014.

I have completed a few marathons myself, so I know what it's like to prepare for such a physical challenge. The feeling at the finish line is indescribable. The euphoria of finishing makes all the preparation and hard work worthwhile.


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