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2Jun. 2014

Massachusetts AARP Members Eligible for Auto and Home Insurance Discounts

Plymouth Rock Assurance and Bunker Hill Insurance Company, leading automobile and home insurance carriers serving Massachusetts, recently announced the AARP® Massachusetts Auto and Home Insurance Program. Through this program, AARP members in Massachusetts will be eligible for a combination of coverage and savings uniquely tailored to their needs.

Webber and Grinnell is part of a select group of local agents authorized to offer these discounts to AARP members. The new program features auto insurance from Plymouth Rock Assurance and the opportunity to bundle home insurance from Bunker Hill Insurance for additional savings. This is the first time a program has been made available to AARP members in Massachusetts that offers both auto and home insurance.

AARP members in Massachusetts can take advantage of these unique features of the program:

• Up to 6 percent savings on auto insurance from Plymouth Rock
• Savings up to 19 percent on auto insurance and up to 26 percent on home insurance when they bundle their auto and home insurance from Plymouth Rock and Bunker Hill
• Guaranteed lifetime coverage
• Immediate enrollment into Plymouth Rock’s Rewards Plus program, which includes cell phone and laptop replacement coverage, as well as pet injury coverage.

For more information about this program, please contact Jennifer Ewers at Webber and Grinnell at 413-586-0111 ext. 126, or jewers@webberandgrinnell.com.


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