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29Apr. 2015

Managing Workers Compensation Injuries

We all know how a work related injury can disrupt your business and the impact it can have on your workers compensation premium. It is important that you take hands-on approach to minimize your costs, which are not only financial but can also involve employee morale and engagement.

Following an injury, I urge you to take a proactive position.

Don’t wait to hear from the insurance company about the status of an injury and the time it may take to heal. Give your injured worker a personal phone call and demonstrate your concern for their wellbeing. Showing compassion will re-engage your employee and motivate them to return to work faster.

By understanding the nature of the injury and the associated limitations, you can use your creativity to find a light duty position at your work place. Face-to-face contact allows you to better assess your employee’s situation. It’s hard to know what is going on if you don’t see the employee.

If you can’t find enough work on a full time basis, consider part time options. Getting your employee back to work on a regular basis is key to minimizing the cost of the injury.

Companies that offer light duty work or return-to-work programs benefit in a variety of ways:

• Employees get back to work up to 50% faster.
• Medical costs can be reduced up to 70%.
• Employee morale and engagement improves.
• Workers compensation costs stay under control.

If you find yourself with a workers compensation injury claim, please feel free to call me for suggestions on ways that you can help your employee return faster via light duty work.


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