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17Apr. 2014

Insurance App-ortunities

If you thought the world of insurance was stodgy and went untouched by technological innovation, think again! There are a host of new apps and technologies available to you to manage your relationship with your insurance company and keep tabs on new drivers in your family.

Plymouth Rock Assurance, Commerce Insurance and Safety Insurance have mobile apps that enable you to see your policy, pay your bill, get in touch with them and report a claim. Plymouth Rock’s app also helps you mark your parking spot and find public parking, gas stations, taxi locations and hospitals. Other insurance companies such as Vermont Mutual Insurance and Arbella Insurance are working toward providing similar access.

As we reported last August, The Arbella Insurance Foundation offers Cellcontrol™ technology that enables parents to manage their teenage drivers’ cell phone usage while their car is in motion.

Commerce Insurance also has a DriverAdvisorSM program to help parents coach their teenage drivers via data collection of their teens’ driving performance. DriverAdvisorSM provides online feedback on habits such as speeding, slamming on the brakes, or hitting the gas too hard so that parents can help their teens improve their driving and reduce the risk of an accident.

Take advantage of these insurance app-ortunities to make your life easier and safer. Please call your Webber & Grinnell account manager if you have any questions.


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