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27Dec. 2012

How to Avoid and Remove Ice Dams

I am not under the delusion that we will see a snowless winter. Would it be a dream come true for me? YES! But I know that eventually we will be trudging through some snow and dealing with the mess.
Last year all the rage was ice dams. Remember that? The insurance companies sure do. They paid out millions in ice damage claims and many people saw their insurance rates go up as a result. Some may have even seen their insurance policies non-renewed because of those claims. So Webber & Grinnell Insurance would like you to take the precautions necessary to prevent ice dams. We didn’t write the book on it but we know where to find the information. So, we are passing it on to you. There is some great information out there but we recommend the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety‘s site. Not only will you find information on ice dams but there is a ton of information on how to protect your home from all sorts of perils (wind, earthquakes, fires, etc.). It is worth taking a minute to read. And, you can take advantage of this warm weather to do some preventive care!


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