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21Oct. 2012

Fire Safety Month and Your Northampton Homeowner’s Policy

October is Fire Safety Month and it is time to think about the ways to keep your family safe! I think the fire departments of Western Massachusetts have done a fantastic job of drilling into our heads that we need to change the batteries in our smoke detectors when we are changing the clocks. This time around, it means November 6. And the good ole Stop, Drop and Roll is as good today as it was when we learned it in grade school.
But there are other things we can do to help protect our families. One thing that you can do that will also save your money on your Massachusetts homeowner’s policy, is to install and alarm system that will connect to your local fire department or a central station that can warn the local fire department quickly. All of the insurance companies that we write with at Webber & Grinnell will give you a discount on your policy.
Another important thing is making sure you and your family have a planned escape route from your home and a designated meeting place. This should be practiced twice a year so that in case of an emergency, nobody panics and knows exactly what to do.
Another piece of information that I just learned was that you should sleep with your bedroom door closed. This delays any outside smoke and flames from entering the room. It makes sense! 
Finally, it is a good idea to remind family members that they should not waste time trying to save valuables when there is an emergency. Get out of the house as soon as possible. Lives are more valuable than items. 
If you would like more tips on keeping your family safe from fire, you should contact your local fire department. Here are some great links:
Northampton Fire Department

Amherst Fire Department

Greenfield Fire Department


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