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4Feb. 2016

Facebook Isn’t Always Your Friend

Like many Americans, I, too, have a Facebook page. I use it to let people know about the things going on in my life. I’ve made posts of fun nights out at sporting events, eating at a favorite restaurant or taking part in local events, like The Hot Chocolate Run.

But while social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family who live far away—or down the street—we all need to be wary of what we are putting out there and the possible ramifications.

Think carefully before you post. Be aware of announcing how long you might be out of town while your house is left empty and vulnerable. Unoccupied homes are targets for break-ins and robberies.

Also keep in mind that your own knowledge of what’s not okay to post on Facebook doesn’t protect you entirely. Unfortunately, the actions of your children on social media also pose potential problems.

If your teenaged daughter gets into a disagreement with her BFF at school and begins posting all sorts of derogatory comments about her on Facebook in retaliation, your child could be setting you up for trouble.

The parents of your daughter’s former BFF could pursue charges of libel or slander against you because of those postings. The liability section of your homeowner’s policy will most likely provide protection against this type of lawsuit. However, if you contributed to the postings yourself, or knowingly libeled or slandered someone else, coverage would probably be denied.

Enjoy the simple fun and connectedness of social media, but remember to use common sense in your posts. Talk to your kids about possible repercussions.


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