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22Apr. 2014

Employee Profile: Kathy Cusson

Meet Kathy Cusson, Home and Auto Account Manager at Webber and Grinnell.

A 24-year veteran of our agency, Kathy has worked with some clients throughout her entire career here. In fact, some still call her by her maiden name.

“I enjoy knowing many of my clients on a personal level,” Kathy said. “They have watched my family grow, and I have watched their children get their licenses and get married.”

Kathy has earned the trust of her clients by seeing them through good times and bad. When working with one couple on a difficult claim, Kathy learned that they considered switching agencies due to frustration with the carrier. However, when they realized that it would mean losing Kathy and the great service they received at Webber and Grinnell, they quickly changed their minds.

While much has changed in the insurance industry over the years, Kathy has observed that clients always appreciate working with a local agent. “They like to walk in without an appointment and know that someone can help,” she said. “With seven agents in our department, no client ever needs to wait for assistance.” Still, many of Kathy’s clients will gladly wait to speak with her directly.

Finding the best coverage for her clients and guiding them through the claims process are the things that Kathy finds most rewarding about her job. She is committed to helping her clients fully understand their policies by answering every question promptly and thoroughly.

Like so many of us, Kathy is anxiously awaiting warmer weather. The arrival of spring brings two of her favorite things, gardening and baseball. She is looking forward to cheering on both the Sunderland Little League and the Boston Red Sox.


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