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12Sep. 2014

Employee Profile: Jennifer Ewers

Meet Jennifer Ewers, Business Development Specialist at Webber and Grinnell.

Newcomers to the area and the agency can expect much more than a personal insurance quote when they contact Jennifer. She enjoys welcoming people to the area and builds lasting relationships that extend well beyond the office.

A Northampton resident, Jennifer can often be found exploring local hiking trails or walking downtown with her husband, Bill, and their son, Liam. “I tell new clients that they will soon see me everywhere,” she said. “Many have never had that kind of a relationship with their insurance agent.”

A member of the Webber and Grinnell team for ten years, Jennifer began as a personal lines account manager and moved to her current role three years ago. According to Jennifer, “It was the perfect fit. I could focus on what I like best, meeting new people and finding the coverage that’s right for them.”

Whether a new client has an insurance question or needs a restaurant recommendation, Jennifer can help. She is committed to providing support at every step, even accompanying a new client to the registry when he needed assistance with a transaction.

Servicing the agency’s group insurance accounts is another aspect of Jennifer’s job that she greatly enjoys. She attends community benefits fairs and makes presentations to large area employers who seek to offer group insurance discounts to their employees.

Originally from Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Jennifer has lived in the Pioneer Valley since graduating from UMass. Be sure to say hi if you see her around town!


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