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7Feb. 2013

Dogs and your Massachusetts Homeowner’s Policy

I love the Westminster Dog Show. Every year I watch and I dream about what kind of dog I would like. The Golden Retriever always grabs my heart (the show is always around Valentine’s Day).  This year, a rescued Weimaraner showed (I love them pups too). The Pekingese ended up with the win. He’s cute but I don’t know how I would handle all of that fur.

Cuteness is not the only thing to consider when picking a new pup for your home. One of things to consider is how this will affect yourMassachusetts homeowner’s insurance policy. Some dogs will never peak the interest of the insurance companies – like a sweet Labrador Retriever. Other dogs will immediately bring up a concern for insurance companies, like a Pit Bull. Pit Bull mixes will fall into the same category. I am a believer that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners but the companies have to look at the history of the breed. If you do have one of the “no-no” dogs, your carrier may non-renew your policy.
 If you are considering adding a pet to your family, call Webber & Grinnell Insurance at 413-586-0111 with questions on the breed or click herefor a list of possible “no-no” breeds. The breeds vary by company.


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