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3May. 2012

Do you need Renter’s Insurance?

When I ask people if they would like a quote on renter’s insurance, many of the times I get the response ”I don’t have anything of value.” Oh contraire! If I were to lose my couch, my clothing, my SHOES!, my vintage hat collection, my le crueset pot, all of my make up, I would feel like I lost things of value. And more importantly, if I did not have renter’s insurance, I would have to dip into my meager savings to replace all of these items. And that savings is valuable!
Renter’s insurance also covers other important things. If you can’t stay at your home because of a fire, where would you stay? Would you wear out your welcome on your friend’s couch if it took a month to repair your house? And if you live in Western Massachusetts and your close family live in Boston (or further) do you want to commute back and forth from their house to your job out here? Because if you have a loss at your house, your boss may feel bad but he is still going to want you to come to work. Renter’s insurance gives you loss of use coverage as well. So you can stay in a hotel or temporary apartment. Not living with your parents again…that is valuable.
Contact Webber & Grinnell and we can get a renter’s policy started for you. Did I mention it is cheap?


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