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26Jul. 2013

Commonly Asked Questions on Teen Driving

Will my insurance company allow me to add my teen driver to my policy?

Most insurance companies are willing to add teen drivers on the parent’s insurance policy. However, if the teen driver is cited with an accident or moving violations, your company may opt to not renew your coverage and you will be forced to get your insurance through the Massachusetts Assigned Insurance Plan.

My teen just got their learner’s permit. Do I need to add them to my policy?

You do not need to add your teen driver to your policy until they are licensed. They are allowed to operate your vehicle within the confines of the permit operator laws with no changes to your policy.

How much more will it cost when I add my teenager to my policy?

On average, the cost of your car insurance will double when you add your teen driver as an occasional operator to your insurance policy. If your teen becomes the principal operator of one of your vehicles, you can expect the cost be 3 to 3.5 times the price. The increase will only affect one vehicle if you have more than one car in your family. Price increases vary depending upon your insurance company, driving records and other rating factors.

What is the difference between a primary and occasional driver? How do I categorize my teenager? How does this affect my policy?

The primary operator is the driver that drives the designated car more than any other operator in your household. If your teen falls into this category, they should be listed as the primary operator. On average, a policy with a teen listed as a primary operated costs 60% more than a policy with a teen listed as an occasional operator. A teen that is not classified properly on a policy could jeopardize your coverage in the event of an accident.

Does it make sense to title a vehicle in my teen’s name? Is it less expensive that way?

This is a complicated question. First, as the legal parent or guardian of your teen, you may be held ultimately responsible for the actions of your teenager, regardless of whether they have their own car or are listed as a driver under your policy. It is important that you and your teenager have adequate liability limits in the event of a serious accident. If your teenager is the primary operator of your vehicle, or the primary operator of their own car, there is no difference in premium with all other rating factors being the same.

How long will my teenager cause my premiums to be higher?

A newly licensed operator is classified as an inexperienced operator for 3 years and incurs a premium surcharge for the lack of experience. A driver with 3 years to 6 years of driving experience will pay less than a newly licensed operator, as the surcharge for lack of experience diminishes. After 6 years of driving an operator is considered to be an experienced operator and no surcharges apply.

What insurance companies offer the best rates for teenage drivers?

Insurance rates are constantly changing in Massachusetts. Insurance companies regularly tweak their rates and our job as an independent agent is to keep our eye on the rate changes and place policies with Teen Drivers with the most competitive companies. As specialists for providing insurance to families with teens, we closely monitor the rates of 8 insurers to be sure we are amongst the most competitive in the state.

What happens to my policy if my teenager has an accident or gets a moving violation ticket?

Avoiding accidents and moving violations is critical to keeping your insurance costs down. A major accident will cause your premium to increase by $250 - $500. A moving violation will increase your premium approximately $100 - $300. The differences can vary significantly from company to company.

I am worried about my liability with my teenager driving my car. What do you suggest?

Having your teenager drive your car substantially increases your liability. You will be held liable for any bodily injury or property damage to others caused by your teen driver. It is very important that you have adequate protection for a serious loss. We highly recommend that you call us to discuss higher limits and an umbrella policy when your teen begins driving.

What can I do to save some money?

Call one of our customer service reps at Webber and Grinnell. We can quote your policy amongst the most competitive writers of autos with teen drivers in the State.

In addition, we will look at your entire insurance package. We offer a host of discounts and can offer you a significant savings by combining your home or tenants policy with your auto policy. Completion of an advanced driver training program will also reduce your rates. Lastly, many companies offer good student discounts. If your teen driver has a B or better grade point average, you will qualify for a lower rate.


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