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25Oct. 2018

Cans For Calendars

Cans for Calendars

So…we have these things in our office that we give away. They are very popular, in fact some people wait all year for them. Many of you reading may be thinking “hmmm, what could it be?” Well you can stop guessing, I will tell you. CALENDARS!! Ok…so if you thought it was a car, you are probably a bit disappointed. BUT a calendar is just as cool as a car and they are very similar. They both make sure you get to where you need to go!

Now, last year we started a new program called Cans for Calendars. It was a great success so naturally we want to do it again! Here is the scoop:

Bring in a non-perishable or hygienic item to the office for the Food Bank of Western MA between November 1st and the 16th and get a calendar! Seems pretty easy, Right? Now you may be thinking…Jennie, what if I bring multiple items? Well, anonymous person reading this, I am glad you asked! You can get a calendar for every item you bring up to 3 calendars…listen, I get it, it’s a sweet deal so let’s work together to fill our box up to the top for the Food Bank!

Here’s what they need:

Grain Group

Hot/Cold Cereals
Dried Pasta/noodles
Granola Bars
Bread/muffin mix

Vegetable Group

Tomato Sauce/paste

Fruit Group

Canned or Dried Fruit
Boxed/canned juices

Fats, Oils and Sweets

Cooking Oils

Meat & Bean Group

Canned beef stew
Baked Beans
Canned Chili, Tuna, Chicken and Sardines
Beans dry or canned
Peanut Butter

Dairy Group

Evaporated Milk
Parmesan Cheese

Personal Care

Toilet Paper


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