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4Sep. 2015

Biking the Extra Mile for You

Rich Webber and I know that not all insurance needs conform to weekday business hours. Check out Rich’s story below of how his Sunday bike ride got rerouted on July 19th:

At about 10 a.m., I was in my driveway getting ready to take off for a bike ride, when the phone rang with an out of state number. I assumed it was a client call so I answered it.

The client on the other end of the line was in New York, and talked about a tree that may have fallen and caused damage at her property in Easthampton. She had no details on the damage, on the size of the tree or on what had happened. So I took the address and I told her I would go to the house and call her back from there.

I rode my bike to her house. When I arrived I saw that a very healthy, 150-foot-tall tree with a base diameter of 4 feet had split right down the middle and had fallen on the house. The tree had crushed part of her roof, was hanging over two new automobiles and posed an immediate danger to her tenants.

I took a picture of the situation and texted it to the client. Then I called her with solutions to correct the situation. I gave her the names of some reputable contractors in the area that could help with removing the tree and fixing the roof.

We spoke later that night and everything was well under way. The tree was cleaned up. The roof was braced and covered with a tarp. The tenants were able to get back in the house.

She was thrilled! And I was happy to help.


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