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24May. 2012

Are you covered for a glass loss on your MA auto insurance policy?

I’m getting serious on my outside blog today. Bringing it down to some serious business. One of the most common comprehensive claims on a Massachusetts auto policy is a broken windshield. Little rocks kicked up by big trucks are often the culprit.
At Webber & Grinnell, when you purchase an auto policy with comprehensive coverage, we will include a waiver of deductible on a glass loss. What does that mean in real people language? It means if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, and your windshield breaks or gets a chip, you do not have to pay the deductible to get it fixed. Pretty cool huh? What’s not cool? We have seen national carriers charging a deductible to have your auto glass fixed. So, it may cost $350 to fix a windshield, but you are paying that first $100. They don’t tell you that when you are picking your policy online. So serious subject but with a good message. Next time, I promise to bring some quirkiness back to the blog. If you miss my quirkiness, you can follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.


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