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3Aug. 2018

Adventures Of a UHAUL Passenger

My grandfather recently made a pretty big life decision. After living in New England for over 7 decades, he decided to move to Florida. Now, this was a bigger move than the ones he had made earlier in life. This was the first move he was making alone, without my grandmother. She passed away in August of 2016 unexpectedly and to say it turned his world upside down would be an understatement. There was an opportunity in a retirement village that was presented to him and after much thought and prayer decided it was time.

There was an issue……he was flying to Florida. How are all his things and vehicle getting there? As is customary in our household, I volunteered my husband, Jeremy to drive a UHAUL and we would make a mini vacation out of it! Now some people are accustomed to seaside balconies, restaurant reservations and massages during vacation. We happily traded those for the comfort of a bench seat, Cracker Barrell and a shady motel.

Here are some notable thoughts from our whirlwind trip to Florida:

~ I read an entire book in 2 days. If you are looking for a good one, Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate is amazing. There were times during the trip I thought “hmmm I should probably talk to Jeremy because I have been reading for 3 hours” instead I put Jimmy Buffet on for him and kept reading. Listen…..I am serious……it was a good book.

~The Pennsylvania Welcome Center/Bathroom is wonderful and clean. Random,but you may need that info someday.

~There is a Cracker Barrell in just about every city from Massachusetts to Florida. I had grits for the first time and I have nothing else to say about it.

~If you can stay at a Holiday Inn, instead of a motel on the side of the road…do it. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the worst, BUT it was a tad creepy. Let's just say if someone told you a murder was committed there, you would nod your head and say “yup…I could see that”.

~Charleston, SC is my favorite place ever and I am convinced I was created for that lifestyle. I didn’t want to leave…even after Jeremy pointed out that there was NO WAY anyone would mistake me for a local. Side note: I am currently getting everything monogrammed. Everything.

~ I saw no one from Southern Charm…..so now I question everything I see on reality TV.

~When you stay in historic downtown Charleston with a 27’ UHAUL they will charge you for 3 parking spaces……I can still see Jeremy’s ears turning purple at the check in desk…you live…you learn.

~Unpacking a UHAUL isn’t as fun as driving one to Florida.

~Driving through a Florida downpour is NOT the time to give a recap to your spouse about what is happening in your book and why you are upset about it.

~Uber drivers look sad. I am not saying they are…but if I was ready to eat my dinner and got called to pick up some random people at a UHAUL drop off location in Jacksonville at 9pm…I would be sad.

~Five Guys Burgers are really good.

~If no one else is looking afraid of plunging to their death while on an airplane….you are probably ok. Trust me…I was looking around.

All in all, this was one of the best trips I have been on. Just having the quiet time in the UHAUL with Jeremy to talk about things that there never seems enough time for was refreshing! Being able to do all of that AND help one of my favorite people, my grandfather, was the cherry on the sundae!
You don’t need to rent a UHAUL and drive across the country…just allow yourself to unplug now and then. Don’t be a slave to a schedule when it isn’t necessary. Some of the best experiences happen when there isn’t a plan…trust me, I know!


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