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26Jul. 2013

Adopt a Teen-Parent Safe Driving Contract

Adopt a Teen – Parent Safe Driving Contract before your teen driver gets behind the wheel on their own. Teen – Parent contracts make it clear about what is and is not allowed when driving a vehicle, thus avoiding arguments about what was said between parent and teen previously. Stress the fact that the contract will help insure their safety and the safety of others.

We have provided an example of a Teen – Parent driving contact for your use. It can be used as is or as a starting point in developing your own.

The key point in using or developing a Teen - Parent contract is what is allowed and what will be the consequence if the irresponsible behavior occurs. This should be an open discussion with your teen so that they are clearly aware of both the responsible behavior expected and the results of irresponsible unsafe behavior.

The more time you spend working together and involving them in discussion of the contract, the greater their awareness of the conditions will be. Go over every point. Have your teen driver initial his or her agreement to the conditions before you all sign the agreement.

Set a date to review and revisit the contract after a given period of time (within 1-3 months). During the review go through the agreement and change it a little or a lot based on the driver’s adherence. Make it stricter if necessary. Perhaps make it a bit more lenient if your teen is doing well (for example, remove the need to call home if running late or change the hour of curfew). Set times for regular reviews in the future.

Please feel free to use the following Teen – Parent Safe Driving Contract to help encourage responsible driving on the part of your new teen driver.

Teen – Parent Safe Driving Contract

I/We ________________________________ and ___________________________
(Name of parent(s)) (Name of driver)
hereby enter into this agreement covering the operation of any vehicle allowed for use.

I understand that driving is a privilege and not a legal right. I agree to comply with the following responsible driver rules and understand the stated consequences:


__________ I fully understand that a car is not a plaything but a powerful machine
that has the power to injure and kill. I will treat it with respect and not show off with it.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will always wear my seatbelt and will not drive with any passenger who
refuses to wear their seatbelt.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will obey all traffic laws and drive carefully, cautiously and in control.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will not speed, race or engage in any type of thrill – seeking behavior
while driving.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will comply with the passenger restrictions of my Junior Operators
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will comply with my curfew of ______ and at no time will I be out after
12:30 am in violation of my Junior Operators License.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will not consume alcohol or drugs in the vehicle or operate the any
vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will not get into a vehicle of a driver who has been drinking or using
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will provide my parents with information on my destination and time of
return. (may exclude regularly scheduled travel to school or work)
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will call my parents if I find I will be more than 30 minutes late.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will not drive to endanger my life, the lives of my passengers, or anyone
else on the road.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I will not allow anyone else to drive or use the vehicle entrusted to me.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ Should I be in an accident I will not leave the scene, no matter how minor
and will inform my parents of any accidents, tickets or encounters with the police.
Consequence ________________________________________________

__________ I understand that automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for
teens 16 to 19 years old.

I have reviewed and understand this agreement, the responsibility I am accepting and the consequences of not being a responsible driver. I promise to abide by the contract as outlined above. Further I understand that my parents, at their discretion may revoke my driving privileges indefinitely if there are multiple violations of this agreement.

Signed __________________________ Date _____________
(Signature of driver)

I as parent of _____________________________ promise to do what I am able to help my teen in becoming a safe and responsible driver by enforcing this contract. I understand that this is an evolving contract and promise to make myself available to discuss, revisit and revise the contract at regular intervals.

Signed _______________________________ Date _______
(Signature of parent)

Signed _________________________________ Date ______
(Signature of parent)


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