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8May. 2013

Tips For Better Business Peace of Mind

As the father of 18-year-old fraternal twins, I am no stranger to communication challenges. Though they are twins, my son and daughter are very different and have diverse interests. Guiding and nurturing their development required patience, learning from mistakes, and making judgment calls daily. It still does!


7Feb. 2013

Dogs and your Massachusetts Homeowner’s Policy

I love the Westminster Dog Show. Every year I watch and I dream about what kind of dog I would like. The Golden Retriever always grabs my heart (the show is always around Valentine’s Day). This year, a rescued Weimaraner showed (I love them pups too). The Pekingese ended up…


9Jan. 2013

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Aministration Commercial Vehicle Cell-Phone Ban

Thanks to our friends at the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents for gathering a list of FAQ regarding the new ban on the use of hand-held cellular phones while driving commercial motor vehicles. The law went into effect on 1/3/2012.


Q: What…


27Dec. 2012

How to Avoid and Remove Ice Dams

I am not under the delusion that we will see a snowless winter. Would it be a dream come true for me? YES! But I know that eventually we will be trudging through some snow and dealing with the mess. Last year all the rage was ice dams. Remember that?…



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