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28Jun. 2013

A Risk Worth Taking

Regardless of the season, I try to find time in my schedule to exercise.

Fitness has always been an important part of my life, as it has been for my business partner, Rich Webber. Although I haven't come close to matching Rich's impressive…


13Jun. 2013

Are You Ready For Summer Fun?

I love this time of year - the flowers are in bloom, the days are long, and my backyard is ready for summer fun. Although my summer plans include a little golf, and maybe a beach getaway here and there, I look forward to many relaxing gatherings with family and…


28May. 2013

Rich Webber Completes 21st Boston Marathon

Congratulations to my partner Rich Webber for once again running the Boston Marathon, the 21st time he has completed that feat since first taking on the course in 1989.

From a runner's perspective, the day began perfectly. "The weather was almost perfect - cool and sunny," said…


8May. 2013

Tips For Better Business Peace of Mind

As the father of 18-year-old fraternal twins, I am no stranger to communication challenges. Though they are twins, my son and daughter are very different and have diverse interests. Guiding and nurturing their development required patience, learning from mistakes, and making judgment calls daily. It still does!



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