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6Jul. 2016

Business Income Protection: The Devil’s in the Details

After a sinkhole created a crater in the middle of Main Street in Springfield in early May, causing power outages and waterline disruption, several big businesses took a big hit. Local media reported that Tower Square and the Springfield Marriott were forced to shut their doors; the Marriott was forced…


7Jun. 2016

The Buzz on Medical Marijuana

In recent years, twenty-four states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal marijuana. If you are someone who is using medical marijuana to manage pain, control a seizure disorder or keep nausea in check, and you are also out in the working world, you should be sure to ask…


5Apr. 2016

Delivering Goods? See What Your Auto Policy Delivers.

There are clear dos and don’ts regarding how a private passenger auto can be used when it’s covered under a Massachusetts personal auto policy.

If you repair furniture and occasionally use your car to drop off a rocking chair at a client’s home, that’s an allowable use.…


4Apr. 2016

Not Home? Make Sure Your Property’s Covered.

If you’ve moved into a new home and have the old one on the market, or you’re making extended travel plans, I suggest you check in with your insurance carrier or agent to make sure your house will not be considered vacant. A vacant home could be an unprotected one.



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