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15Nov. 2013

Webber and Grinnell Takes the Lead in Local United Way Campaigns

The Webber and Grinnell Insurance agency continues its long-standing tradition of giving back to the community as two key employees lead the United Way’s 2014 fundraising efforts in the Pioneer Valley.

Bill Grinnell was recently named co-chair of the United Way of Hampshire County’s 2014 campaign.…


12Nov. 2013

Bracing for the Impact of Healthcare Reform

As the Affordable Care Act’s January 1st, 2014 deadline looms, employers and employees anxiously watch to see what changes (if any) will occur and how they will affect their business. While Democrats and Republicans fight it out in Washington to see what provisions will stay, we are starting to see…


1Nov. 2013

When Honesty as the Best Policy Fails

It's been fifteen years since I took over the role of President of Webber and Grinnell. I remember combing through our agency financial statements and production reports, wondering how in the world we would pay off all the debt it took to purchase the business.


15Oct. 2013

Let The Sunshine In!

Powering homes with solar panels is a trend that is quite literally heating up as more and more homeowners seek to utilize this green energy source. If you are thinking of installing them, plan on more than just the look of your property changing. Your homeowners insurance policy will most…



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