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15Oct. 2013

Let The Sunshine In!

Powering homes with solar panels is a trend that is quite literally heating up as more and more homeowners seek to utilize this green energy source. If you are thinking of installing them, plan on more than just the look of your property changing. Your homeowners insurance policy will most…


2Oct. 2013

Four-Legged Risks to Your Homeowners Policy

Gus, our 16 month-old Portuguese Water dog, is a faithful companion and a joy to own. With just one teenager left at home, he has been a great addition to our family as we approach the empty nest stage of life.

No matter how bad of…


5Sep. 2013

5 Ways to Save On Your Auto Insurance

1. Combine your Home and Auto policy with the same insurance company – savings can reach 20%!

2. Consider a higher collision deductible – in some cases this makes sense.

3. Buy only the coverage that you need – We can help here!


16Aug. 2013

Cellcontrol Technology Saves Lives

In collaboration with The Arbella Insurance Foundation, Webber and Grinnell is pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to purchase a new, state-of-the-art device designed to help combat distracted driving.

Cellcontrol gives parents the power to manage their teen driver’s cell phone usage. A device called a…



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