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17Apr. 2014

Insurance App-ortunities

If you thought the world of insurance was stodgy and went untouched by technological innovation, think again! There are a host of new apps and technologies available to you to manage your relationship with your insurance company and keep tabs on new drivers in your family.


31Mar. 2014

How to Be Better Than an Excellent Driver

When I hear the term “excellent driver,” I often think of Dustin Hoffman’s character Raymond proclaiming “I’m an excellent driver” over and over again in the movie Rain Man.

If he was a Massachusetts driver though, being just excellent wouldn’t be enough to garner him the best…


4Mar. 2014

Employee Profile: Dot Braman

Meet Dot Braman, our Home and Auto Account Manager. Dot is an insurance veteran who enjoys the day to day challenges of helping clients understand their policies.

Dot already had 37 years of experience in the insurance field when she joined our team in 2000. Her career…


4Mar. 2014

Rental Car Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Traveling can make the life of a business owner even more stressful. We've all had the experience of rushing through an airport, picking up luggage at the baggage claim and then hustling over to the car rental desk. The person at the counter reviews your rental agreement, and asks if…



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