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9Jun. 2014

A Life Preserver for Beach Homes

If you have a waterfront or flood-zoned property, we have good news for you.

Last December, we told you about significant increases in flood insurance premiums for homeowners in flood zones. The increases were mandated by the Biggert-Waters Act passed in July 2012 and designed to help…


2Jun. 2014

Get Smart: Inventory Your Belongings

Unless you are a brilliant scientist with a photographic (or eidetic) memory, you probably wouldn’t be able to recall the entire contents of a room in your house. Even if you use that room every day.

To see my point, try this exercise. Go into…


2Jun. 2014

Massachusetts AARP Members Eligible for Auto and Home Insurance Discounts

Plymouth Rock Assurance and Bunker Hill Insurance Company, leading automobile and home insurance carriers serving Massachusetts, recently announced the AARP® Massachusetts Auto and Home Insurance Program. Through this program, AARP members in Massachusetts will be eligible for a combination of coverage and savings uniquely tailored to their needs.


16May. 2014

Employee Profile: Mike Horan

Meet Mike Horan, Business Insurance Specialist at Webber and Grinnell.

After working as a Home and Auto Account Manager at the agency for seven years, Mike transitioned to the Commercial Lines department a year and a half ago. His main responsibility is to service a book…



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