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4Aug. 2014

Employee Profile: Sandi Zaganiacz

Meet Sandi Zaganiacz, Business Insurance Account Manager at Webber and Grinnell.

Nicknamed the “Insurance Goddess” by her co-workers, Sandi is a true veteran of both the agency and the industry. When she was hired 32 years ago, Bill Grinnell’s father, Fred, was at the helm and the…


29Jul. 2014

Protect Your Treasures

If Antiques Roadshow came to Springfield, do you have something in your home that you would bring for an appraisal?

An artwork you found at a yard sale like this young collector?

A family heirloom like this Tiffany & Co. pendant watch?


22Jul. 2014

Sprinkle on Property Insurance Savings

My business clients often ask how to save money on their property insurance. Their questions sometimes accompany a certain level of anticipation. A client will call full of excitement about the new burglar alarm system they recently installed. Will that reduce the premium?

What about a…


8Jul. 2014

Getting Credit Where Credit is Due

As business owners many of us have the entrepreneurial bug. It seems that I have passed that gene onto my son.

This summer my son is working in New York City selling souvenir tee shirts to make spending money for college. He recently learned that anyone can…



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