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22Dec. 2014

About Those Damn Ice Dams

With the recent arctic blasts, it feels like winter has come early to the Pioneer Valley. And when winter comes, so do the ice dams for many of our clients.

The good news is that homeowners insurance will cover damage caused by ice dams, subject to your…


1Dec. 2014

Insuring a Safe Holiday Party

Image source: NBC

Do you remember Cheers?

The bar where everybody knows your name?

What you might not know about Cheers is that the show promoted the idea of the designated driver. It was important to the writers than…


24Nov. 2014

Webber and Grinnell Leads the 2015 United Way Campaign

For the second straight year, Webber and Grinnell is setting the pace for the United Way of Hampshire County’s annual fundraising campaign.

Bill Grinnell is co-chairing this year’s drive, themed ”Change is in our Hands,” with Amy Royal of Royal LLP in Northampton. Bill also co-chaired…


3Nov. 2014

Hire Your Way to a Safer Workplace

Among our greatest challenges as business owners is to hire the right people. It bothers me when I invest in a new employee only to have them leave after a short tenure. But hiring the wrong person and having to let them go feels worse.

Our hiring…



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