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12Mar. 2015

Dodge the Uninsured Motorist Blues

Image source: filmbuffonline.com

Though your business is unlikely to sustain the kind of property damage that the Blues Brothers cause in their mall chase scene, it is not immune to the risk of an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.



3Mar. 2015

Learn From Uber - Get a Rider For Your Riders

Image source: Underscoopfire.com

Have you thought about how modern technology has co-opted many of our words?

To our grandparents, the “wireless” was a radio. A “mouse” was something you did not want in your house, never mind next to your computer. “Tweet” was something…


22Feb. 2015

Are You Exposed to Cyberbullying?

Image source: buddhistbootcamp.com

It was a sad moment for Western Massachusetts in 2010 when news of Phoebe Prince’s suicide in South Hadley brought the region to national attention in the context of bullying in school. My twins were in high school and similar in age to both…


3Feb. 2015

Uber Cool, But Not Uber Covered

Image source: Underscoopfire.com

The phrase “smart phone” amuses me. Cell phones are used less and less as actual telephones and more as mobile text, email and internet-use enablers.

When was the last time you saw someone under the age of 30 talking on their…



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