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22Feb. 2015

Are You Exposed to Cyberbullying?

Image source: buddhistbootcamp.com

It was a sad moment for Western Massachusetts in 2010 when news of Phoebe Prince’s suicide in South Hadley brought the region to national attention in the context of bullying in school. My twins were in high school and similar in age to both…


3Feb. 2015

Uber Cool, But Not Uber Covered

Image source: Underscoopfire.com

The phrase “smart phone” amuses me. Cell phones are used less and less as actual telephones and more as mobile text, email and internet-use enablers.

When was the last time you saw someone under the age of 30 talking on their…


23Jan. 2015

The Pioneer Valley’s Shark Tank

Image source: abc.go.com

I’ve sat on my share of boards and committees over the years with experiences that range from incredibly dry to extremely fulfilling. This past year, Webber and Grinnell became a sponsoring member of River Valley Investors. River Valley Investors is a group of local…


15Jan. 2015

Defusing a Property Insurance Policy Landmine

image source: http://www.thornesmarketplace.com

Part of the charm of the Pioneer Valley for me is the area’s mix of history and modern conveniences. Walking through the downtown areas of Springfield, Northampton or Greenfield, you can almost see the horse drawn carriages going by coffee shops that…



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