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30Mar. 2015

What Freezes Up Must Melt Down

Spring! What a relief!

I cannot wait to get back on my bike and ride on snow-free streets in Hampshire County.

Though the ice dam threat is likely past, we are now in the midst of a great melt off. As we…


24Mar. 2015

Striving to Be a Good Corporate Citizen

I’ve lived in the Pioneer Valley all of my life. Though I’ve traveled around the country and abroad, I’ve continued to live here because I love the area and all it has to offer.

At Webber & Grinnell, we understand that it’s the local community that…


12Mar. 2015

Dodge the Uninsured Motorist Blues

Image source: filmbuffonline.com

Though your business is unlikely to sustain the kind of property damage that the Blues Brothers cause in their mall chase scene, it is not immune to the risk of an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.



3Mar. 2015

Learn From Uber - Get a Rider For Your Riders

Image source: Underscoopfire.com

Have you thought about how modern technology has co-opted many of our words?

To our grandparents, the “wireless” was a radio. A “mouse” was something you did not want in your house, never mind next to your computer. “Tweet” was something…



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