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1Jun. 2015

Auto Insurance For an Insurance Agent

As an insurance agency owner, you may think that I am immune to the costs of keeping my kids and step kids on the road. But I have to pay my auto insurance bills just like you pay yours. With a total of four “inexperienced operators,” we have had our…


12May. 2015

Tips For Engaging Your Employees

In an effort to improve my business I’ve attended a number of business seminars over the past few years.

One organization that conducts worthwhile events is the Employers Association of the North East. Recently, they hosted a one day conference on employee engagement.


29Apr. 2015

Managing Workers Compensation Injuries

We all know how a work related injury can disrupt your business and the impact it can have on your workers compensation premium. It is important that you take hands-on approach to minimize your costs, which are not only financial but can also involve employee morale and engagement.


10Apr. 2015

Don’t Drive InTEXTicated

Image source: onlineschools.com

As our winter cabin fever breaks and spring allows easier road travel, we encourage you to drive safely.

While it is illegal to text and drive in Massachusetts, as well as 38 other states and the District of…



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