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4Nov. 2015

Preventing Those Damn Ice Dams

Image Source: This Old House

I love autumn in New England and plan to enjoy outdoor activities as long as possible. As your insurance agent and as a property owner though, I can tell you that we need to be preparing for winter now, if…


4Nov. 2015

Check Out Our New Look

I hope you noticed our new look and our new logo!

We felt it was time to contemporize things at Webber and Grinnell to be sure we are well positioned to service the next generation of insurance buyers. Please check out the new coat of paint…


12Oct. 2015

Rental Reimbursement Coverage - a Good Defensive Game Plan

Source: celebritycarsblog.com

Five years ago when Tom Brady was involved in a car accident, he probably had a fleet of other cars to choose from while his black Audi S8 was in the shop for repairs. Most of us don’t have a spare car around to use…


4Sep. 2015

Biking the Extra Mile for You

Rich Webber and I know that not all insurance needs conform to weekday business hours. Check out Rich’s story below of how his Sunday bike ride got rerouted on July 19th:

At about 10 a.m., I was in my driveway getting ready to take off for a…



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